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Customer Service Advocates

"Supporting consumers in various facets of communication."

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Customer Service Advocates specializes in communicating with large, layered companies to resolve a consumer's most frustrating issues within a small fraction of time
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Customer Testimonials
"Thank you again for all your assistance because I was at my wits end but you got this on the right track and I truly appreciate it."
                                               -Student loan borrower
"Thanks for all of your help.  I will highly-recommend you if I know anyone having student loan issues."
                                                       -Student loan borrower

"I hired Customer Service Advocates because my lender for my student loans kept refusing my Total and Permanent Disability claim.  (Customer Service Advocates) helped me get the right person on the phone and my claim was processed immediately."
  -Disabled student loan borrower

"(Customer Service Advocates) helped me with my student loans (a $75,000 problem).  They took all the frustration and intimidation that goes with communicating with (the lenders) and turned it into a situation I can handle.  They did this within a matter of days!"
                                                      -Busy professional

Company Testimonials
"It was enjoyable working with you."
                                       -Account Manager recovery company

"Thanks for alerting us to the issues."
-Chief Officer of top 10 US company

"We would not have known about the customer issues had (Customer Service Advocates) not brought this to our attention.  Thank you for this.
-Senior Officer in Large Retailer

"I appreciate your bringing this to our attention and allowing us to review and resolve the concern with (the client)."  
                              -Director of world's largest medical provider

"Thanks for working with us."
                                                -President of large bank (Big 5)

"You are a wonderful consumer advocate!"  
                                                            -Director of retail giant

"It was a real pleasure working with you, and I truly appreciate this opportunity to help (the client)."

                                   -Very large student loan lender/servicer


Customer Service Advocates
Serving San Antonio and surrounding areas

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