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Customer Service Advocates

"Supporting consumers in various facets of communication."

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About Us
Customer Service Advocates was founded by Kelli O'Keefe.  Kelli has over 14 years of experience engaging with senior level persons in large, Fortune 2000 companies.  With the understanding of "corporate-speak" coupled with the understanding the consumer mind-set - Customer Service Advocates is continually bridging communication lines with consumers and companies.  Kelli obtained an MBA in International Business at Our Lady of the Lake University in San Antonio, Texas. 

Mission:  Resolving consumer grievances swiftly while helping the customer maintain their dignity while doing so. 

How it affects someone you know:  Too often, once a company and a customer begin a relationship - the customer feels the shift in power as the relationship takes on a debtor/debtee format.  When matters arise that need resolution - it is typically frustrating and time-consuming to get these matters taken care of.  In conjunction with this frustration, the customer accumulates charges/fees as time passes.  Customer of layered organizations need a clear and emotionally-detached voice to help them resolve these matters. 



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