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Customer Service Advocates

"Supporting consumers in various facets of communication."

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Media articles, events, appearances and radio spots!
Media articles, events, appearances and radio spots!
October 21 - ID Theft workshop for RITA (Retirement Industry Trust Association)

July 9 - OLLU Student Loan workshop

June 28 - ID Theft Webinar session with Texas Department of Banking
June 26 - ID Theft seminar Morningside Ministries

June 15 - Fox29 Segment on Student Loans
April 24 - ID Theft seminar, Morningside Ministries Boerne facility

March 20 - ID Theft Seminar Valero Energy headquarters
May 9 - ID Theft Seminar Alamo Stroke Center
March 5 - ID Theft segment on Great Day SA
February 6 - ID Theft session at Commander's House

2012 News items
October 21 - KONO 101.1 segment on credit.  All KONO segments have been taken down. 

September 5 - Article in La Prensa on Debt Consolidators versus Customer Advocates

August 22 - Article on Payday Lenders  (published in La Prensa)

August 10 - KROV segment on Identity Theft  (Tommy Calvert Show)

August 3 - KROV segment on Payday Lenders  (Tommy Calvert Show)

July 22 - KONO 101.1 Community Affairs with Steve Sellers.  Topic:  Payday lender industry and more!

July 15 - Great Day Sunday (KENS5) appearance:  3 credit tips for Seniors

July 4 - La Prensa article on ID Theft.

June 18 - Fox29 segment on credit

May 6 - Article in La Prensa on predatory lending  (page 7B)

April 19 - Student Loan article published in San Antonio Police Officer's Association (SAPOA) magazine - The Centurion

April 15 - KONO 101.1 segment with Steve Sellers.  Topics:  tax fraud, ID Theft and more!

April 12 - (En Espanol)  El Mundo article about managing your credit report/bills

March 18 - La Prensa article "Is Budgeting really that Important?" 

January 31 - San Antonio Express News Guest Voices

January 29 - KONO 101.1 - Predatory Lending, the newly-formed Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.  Due to technical difficulties on the KONO side, this segment could not be uploaded. 

January 14 and 15 - "Focus on South Texas" with Mileka Lincoln.  Focus is on "Credit Fix Kit."

January 8 - La Prensa article
"Why DIY approach to credit makes sense"

2011 News Items:
December 15 - Great Day SA Student Loan Segment: 

October 19 - Fox29 Expert Opinion - Student Loans

September 18 - KONO 101.1 Community Affairs segment (taken down from website)

July 27 - La Prensa article on Student Loans

June 17 - KONO 101.1 with Steve Sellers. 

June 10 - Great Day SA - Student Loans and key things all student loan borrowers should know

May 22 - KONO 101.1 Community Affairs segment with Steve Sellers

May 17 - KROV segment with Tommy Calvert - Community segment

March 23 - KSAT 12 Interview with Consumer Reporter, Marilyn Moritz

March 25 - San Antonio Express News article on Customer Service Advocates READ HERE

January 24 - La Prensa article on Customer Service Advocates

2010 News
December 18 - Fox29 "Focus on South Texas"

December 8 - Fox29 segment on ID Theft